Ever lighter days

Climbing up the stairs from the underbellies of the Parliament station this morning, it was great to be greeted with light. The days are starting earlier now. It makes such a difference to once’s state of mind. The photo on the left was taken a few days earlier, the one on the right was taken this morning.

Parliament Station Tree 2 Parliament Station Tree


Not that I needed a positive state of mind. The weekend we just had has provided ample ammunition for that.

Tress and I got busy on Sat morning. After brekky at home we shopped quickly and then returned to cook the week’s soup dinners. With 3 dinners done and ready for the freezer, we headed to Madam K’s before coming home again for some gardening. All done at a frantic pace. We wanted these chores out of the way before we headed into the city.

Just before 4pm, he got into the G to soak in the pre-match atmosphere. The second prelim final between the Hawks and Power was about to get under way and we were seated in a section which was sandwiched between 2 Power fan infested sections. They were loud and well organised. We got walloped early on, and they ran us around in the first quarter. We edged them in the second quarter to go into half time with a 10 point lead but steamed ahead at the 3rd. It was the 4th quarter however which gave many of us near heart attacks. In the last 10 mins or so they kicked 4 goals to edge towards a near Hawks elimination but we held on (thanks to a brilliant Hodgey smother) to earn a 3rd consecutive Grand Final.

It was a happy train ride home from Richmond and we got home to again watch the game on tele – and realised what sort of drama the last few minutes provided. Being in situ was priceless however and I’d do it all over again in a heart beat. GF tickets would be hard to come by however…

After church on Sunday, it was lunch at MK’s again before we headed into the city again, but for a very different sort of entertainment. Les Miserables provided culture on the other side of the spectrum which this wonderful city offers (although geographically both the G and Her Majesty’s Theater are on the east). It was a brilliant display of a different genre altogether. It was mesmerising all the same and I was transfixed for the entire duration – all 3 hours of it.

We got home around 7, and settled down for another week at work. It is Grand Final week however… United’s overnight capitulation (losing 3-5 to Leicester City) was hard to take but I’ve had a wonderful weekend to amply cushion that pain. I’m sure Van Gaal will take us out of the underbellies of this transition into a new dawn before too long. Short dark days dont last forever. Neither do long light days granted, but it’s good to know light will almost always return.