Weekend at Warrnambool

We watched both semifinal matches on the plush (but kind of old) couch in the B&B on Logan’s Beach in Warrnambool. They were very good games and the weekend was wonderful.

We left home early on Friday morning and drove through rush hour traffic to get on to the Princess Highway, headed out of town towards first Geelong and then Lorne. We had coffee and a quick brekky in Lorne, walked around the town for a bit and then pushed on along the coast past Apollo Bay and then stopped at Port Campbell, having taken the long way around the Otway National Park.

The 12 Apostles were as magnificent as when we first saw them, maybe in 2005. We had Kiddo with us that time. This time we had with us, the little black jedi instead. It would have been brilliant to have Kiddo with us again as well but he’d have to do for now.

After Port Campbell we pushed along and headed to Warrnambool, stopping only at the Loch Arc Gorge.

We got there around 3pm, checked into our B&B and then went into town to get some money, before heading back to our B&B which was right next to Logan’s Beach whale viewing platform. It was only about 100m walk for us. That evening we had dinner in town, at the Logan Café and Restaurant. Then it was back to watch the first game, when the Roos overcame the Cats – first upset of the semi finals.

The next day after a quick brekky at “home” we headed out to the platforms. I took the little fellow for a walk along the beach, then went up to the platforms to try and catch some whale sightings. We were there for a couple of hours but saw nothing despite some reported sightings.

At noon we headed into town, had some coffee and then drove around, stopping first at the Fletcher Jones building which has been turned into an odds and ends shop, selling memorabilia’s from all angles. We then went to the Proudfoots Historical Boathouse and had a late lunch there. The ambience was wonderful. The food was again good and the environment was lively.

After lunch we drove up to Richie’s Point, then went back to get the little fellow and drove across town to the Breakwater Walls and walked through the Promenade on the foreshores. We stopped by the viewing platforms again to see if anything was sighted but were not in luck. Back home, we caught the second semi-finals, which was another exciting game of footy. This time, Port came back to overhaul a big Fremantle lead and won the game. The Hawks await them at The G on Saturday arvo. I got the tickets and can’t wait.

The next morning, after another quick brekky at home we packed up to leave. Just before pushing off however we went to the viewing platforms again. This time we were in luck. We caught sight of the baby which was only less than a week old, having been born just 3-4 days before we got there on Friday. Satisfied, we left and headed back to Melbourne, reaching in time to get to Madam Kwong’s just before they closed.

When we got home we quickly did some shopping before going to cook (soup again), wash (Tress did the laundry) and get ready for the working week again.

We took quite a few photos and in one of them, I had felt really good. The weather was great, the sights gorgeous and we were really relaxed. I thought, not for the first nor last time, how I missed kiddo. We’ve had a number of good excursions into different parts of Victoria this year.

In January after dropping Kiddo off in Sydney we drove down the coast to Gippsland and stayed a the Lakes Entrance. In March we spent a weekend in Dromana in Mornington and in April we drove to the high countries and stayed at Bright. We went to Singapore in July and in August we spent a weekend in Flowerdale near Strath Creek. Then it was the Great Ocean Road and Warrnambool this past weekend. Each trip was special because the geography, food, air and season were all different. The constant was Tress. The constant missing peg was Kiddo, but ironically it is precisely because with her away I felt the need to spend more time with Tress and wanted to see more of Victoria with her. It would have been so much better to have had Kiddo with us, although I know her time now is in the far east, in such different surroundings. I want to see even more of Victoria but hopefully when we make the next trip, I’d have one added constant.