Circle… Cycle

It rained almost all day on Saturday. So Tress and I slept in and had a lazy breakfast before moseying around at home. I turned on the laptop for the first time in weeks, ostensibly to attempt preparing for the church small group discussion which I was tasked to lead this coming week. I read a little bit but was distracted by some emails, and ended up applying for a job.

My employer has for the past year or so, been facing very uncertain times. Losses and inability to deliver on a major IT project have led to shareholders reviewing their options. Recent reports suggest they are ready to sell and the usual vicissitudes of this scenario means uncertainty rules the day. Relationships with shareholders have been fraught in any event and this often has a cascading effect on the environment at work. But I try to keep my head down and plug away but it would be foolish to not try and seek alternatives/options elsewhere, where they present themselves. Anyway the applications are in and “que sera sera” I guess. Meanwhile, Tress did some filing in anticipation of submitting our tax returns soon.

A bit after mid-day we went out for our usual errands. We dropped into a tax accountant’s office to check out their fees. They were a few doors away from my dry cleaners so that was convenient as I dropped and collected my work shirts. We then did the usual grocery shopping and I went back to make the pumpkin soups that were to make 2 dinners for us.

We had tickets to the big game later that night but it was still raining close to 6pm so we decided to just stay home. Those tickets were free anyway. It turned out to be a ripper of a game. Hawks fought hard and brilliantly to overcome the very good side that is Sydney.

We went to bed soon after the game, which for a Saturday night was an early night. It had been that sort of day…

Sunday was far better, weather wise especially. Jean (from Madam Kwong’s) had suggested we visited a new café a friend of hers started, which had taken over the well-known Straits Café on Doncaster Road. So we went there after church. There was a chemist warehouse a few doors away so I picked up my allopurinol top-up. We then picked up some quick grocery to make more soups for the week and headed home.

It was sunny when we got home so we quickly changed into gardening gear, and I gave the hedge a good clip. We had picked up a new hedge trimmer on Friday night – a very good Ryobi which made the clip faster and neater. It was also heavier than the old one so it gave me a good workout too! The old one was a smaller unit and earlier this year – in March I think – I accidentally ran it through a lopper and the blades got out of alignment. A dodgy repair shop on Blackburn Road had it for months but couldn’t fix it so I decided to write it off. I had milked it for over 5 years anyway so the Ryobi was a good step-up replacement.

Tress did some weeding and when we finished with the mowing we took the little fellow for a walk. When we finished Tress decided to take him to the oval to let him run and I went home to cook the other soup – a leek and cauliflower soup with sweet potato and bacon. It was very good and we have 4 days’ stock of soup for the week so we were happy.

So it was another weekend of a break from weekday routines. This mini-cycle in the larger cycles of our current life provides little other than a circuit breaker to the weekday routine which tires both of us and zap us out each Friday night. Sitting on the couch on Friday night, Tress would often drift away to slumber land due to outright tiredness. There have been numerous Friday nights when our preferred activity is to be at home watching tele and eating something straight from Coles or Woollies. In some ways this was what I sought – a serenity of sorts. And yet the droning effect of regular cycles of work and rest can dull one’s senses to the point of near total oblivion to others’ needs. Occasionally events like the MH17 tragedy and conflicts in Palestine and Iraq wake me from my slumber and prick my senses. The juggernaut of work and rest cycles however, roll on and quite often, blot those out over time – slowly but ever so surely.

Maybe that’s why in some ways I seek change often. Maybe that’s what drives me to lift my head often – to check out the horizon and see if there’s something else out there for me to spend the rest of my days. For while I am enjoying most present days, I keep longing for more meaningful to spend my future days. I think perhaps many share these thoughts.