Appreciating Winter

It’s now the middle of winter and on most mornings when I leave home, I feel it in my bones. Again as is often the case, age may have something to do with it. I remember last year I seldom used my winter coat as the office is just directly across the road from the station. This year, notwithstanding the same setting, I have used that coat a whole lot more.

Ditto when the team goes out for coffee. From the office, the team on most mornings take a 5-10 minute walk to a coffee place some 100-150m away. In recent days, that walk has been taken with the coat on. It has hovered around the 7-8 deg mark at around 10-10.15am and the stretch from Little Lonsdale Street to Exhibition Street can be a bit of a wind tunnel. It gets chilly…

I often say to people I love winters. Other than the short days of course. I will always find it hard to accept a 7.30 sunrise and a pre-5pm sunset. Other than that, I love winters. The stillness, the quietness, the inert state of things around you – they all allow the mind to think better and I often notice things more (I think) in such conditions.

We’d walk the little furry ball each night after we’ve had our (mostly soup) dinner. We’d be walking him in the dark and he’d behave differently from when we walk him in summer, or on weekends when there’s light. His senses are actually on a more active or heightened level when it is dark. We also love the smells of fire places burning. When I do the walks alone, I’d slow down to try and spot possums. I’d feel lucky when I see one or more. The most I’d spotted was 4. Lately however, there has been no sightings and I hope they’re still out there and as busy as ever, havoc notwithstanding…

There’s another 6 weeks of winter left to run – officially that is. We had a week’s respite when we visited Singapore but the next 6 weeks would see a straight run. Our legs would be raw potato white when we emerge from this season – potentially only in October. That’s all fine with me. Other than the short days, I like winter.