Freezing Weekend – with a bit of Disney

It was an appalling weekend, weather wise. Winter was well and truly in full force and so for the briefest hour or so on Saturday morning, I hurriedly did some tidying up on the gardens and lawns. Tress stayed inside and cleaned the house and later that morning we went to the house on Edinburgh Road to sort out the locks and keys.

Madam Kwong’s was closed and we were a bit lost as to where to get lunch but then settled on some less exciting fare at PPR, before proceeding with our more regular activities of laundry/dry cleaners’ and grocery shopping. We bumped into Gerry and Jesslyn, sat down and had coffee with them, before heading home. Before that however we did a small detour to head up a level at the shopping centre to check out the movies on offer.

We then went home and walked the little fellow. It was cold, windy and unpleasant but at least it was still dry (somehow) so we thought we’d better make the most of that, although I had given him a good run-around earlier, when I was working on the lawns. I had played tug-of-war with him with a rope and at one stage managed (as I often did) to toss the rope up to the roof. The poor fellow was whining away, wondering how come gravity didn’t do its usual trick to bring the rope back down. I had to lug the ladder out from the shed, get onto the roof and get the rope – all the while with him whining away. Anyway, Tress and I were well rugged up when we gave him that second treat and walked him.

We then went and watched Angelina Jolie’s Disney flick of “Maleficent”, a re-telling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. Good turned bad did good turned good (Maleficent). Good did bad did bad turned bad (King Stefan) were the over-riding themes, overshadowing the character of Aurora the little princess. It was a kiddie flick but done just enough for some adults to also enjoy. At $10 a pop – being the movie club’s movie of the week – it was a good way to spend a couple of hours (all in) in a warm place and told a good yarn.

At home later that night, we teed up a yum-cha lunch with the Hii’s and Chew’s after church. It was good catching up again over lunch, followed again by coffee thereafter. Jason looked better, Mel was excited about starting a new role today with a restaurant chain (but still doing account stuff) but he said to me he was still affected by seeing images of Tham Fuan regularly, which riled him. I feel sorry for him. A couple of months ago when we were in Bright for a holiday, he said to us he had been physically sick that morning we were travelling, having just had a bad dream over the whole saga. So it looked like the end-flushing process is still being played out. Hopefully it would ebb soon.