Sold!, Dog Fame and Tempo

We went out for dinner with Jason and Mel on Friday night, at the HD Grille just off Burwood Road only a few minutes from home. We took our time, chatted and generally had a good wind down. Tress and I continue to hope this couple turn away from what has been bothering them for over a year now, and head in a fresh and new direction which would do them good.

On Saturday we took the plunge – and bought that investment property we have been thinking about for a while now. We went to the inspection at 10.30, hung around for the auction at 11, and ended up as the highest bidder. Our bid was nevertheless under the reserve price so we were asked to stay behind to negotiate with the seller. We did, and ended up buying it. By the time we finished all the related administrative stuff it was nearly 1pm. We then went about with the rest of the weekend routine – not that buying a house was a weekend routine of course.

Our old friend Alex was throwing a dinner party and Tress had been asked to bring some fruits so we went to get some.

We got home, and while Tress did some housekeeping stuff at home, I took the little fellow for a walk.

There was a soccer match on the Nunawading City FC ground. I had that little fellow off lead as usual when we were on the “second pitch”.

First some background to my story. Mahoney’s reserve comprises some parkland which includes 3 pitches. The whole area is off lead for dogs.

The fenced cricket pitch directly in front of our home is the one most used by dog owners. In winter months it is used for soccer and very occasionally, footy. The next two are open fields (unfenced). There’s a fourth but it’s all fenced in high and the Nunawading City Football Club (soccer). The first of these two open fields is just next to the Nunawading City FC space.

Whenever we take him out while it is still light and conditions are dry enough, we take him first to the cricket pitch, then to these two open fields. He’d bounce and run around, chasing birds and sniffing at everything, sometimes playing with other dogs. So we generally leave him off leash.

On Sat he was off leash on the first of the two open fields when I was watching the football game being played. When I looked around after a few minutes, he was nowhere to be seen and to my horror when I saw him he was inside on the football ground where the match was under way. He was near the sideline. As I ran around the fence to get to him, he ran towards the middle of the ground, to the howls and jeers of the spectators (a couple of hundred people). One of those spectators said to me I better put him back on the leash, now that he has succeeded in stopping a game…so I leashed him up, ran him across the second field and only when we were safely on the third and last field did I unleashed him again…I don’t think he realised he had his 20 seconds of fame.

That night we went to Alex’s and caught up with some old friends again, which was very nice. We came home and I was a touch inebriated and so went to bed pretty soon but woke up early on Sunday morning for that Champions League final which was a very entertaining game. Real Madrid won after extra time. The very good game meant Dr Miriam Kammel’s message in church wasn’t given the attention it richly deserves, but I followed it anyway.

After another long walk with the little fellow on Sunday afternoon, we just rested for the rest of the weekend, getting ready for another week of the work rest routine. Life has taken on a steady tempo.