Varied Weekend

Tress and I had dinner at Enrik’s on Friday night. It was great to unwind in a nice joint without too much hassle – the place is a stone throw away from Blackburn Station and we just walked across after getting out of the city into Blackburn.

After breakfast in a place called Graceland Cafe in Doncaster, I was playing with some rough numbers in my head on Saturday morning, as Tress and I ambled up Jackson Street, a stroll away from where we are. The unit was well built and had a simple layout which we thought would suit our later years. My numbers game landed on a figure and I was disabused of my dream from the opening bid. We laughed it off but the pain which comes from crazy auctions is often difficult to shake off. We saw several other properties later that day but each property confirmed for me that the process of finding a little investment property remains a bit of a dream.

In between property hunting we had lunch at Madam K’s, bathed the Little Black Jedi and tidied up the front lawn a little bit. I then checked out some you tube concerts by Mark Seymour and later that evening we watched a movie at The Chase – Spiderman and his latest battles with cartoonish baddies like “Electro”, badly played by Jamie Fox. After that movie we came home to more superhero stuff, this time watching The Dark Night on tv.

First thing on Sunday morning, I checked out the football news. The Gunners won the FA Cup and Barcelona failed to beat Athletico Madrid, allowing the latter to win the La Liga for the first time in close to 20 years. Man City had won the English league on the last day of the season, battling it out with Liverpool but winning easily in the end. This weekend sees the pinnacle of European club football played out in Lisbon, between Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid – all Spanish final. It has been such an exciting season but Man Utd were just outside looking in, nursing the hurt of being out of Europe for the first time in decades and out of running from all competition weeks ago. For Man Utd, it’s an annus horribilis.

After church and lunch at Madam K’s we bought some food and headed for Uncle Jin’s. Even lighter traffic took us nearly 45 minutes to get there and since we were the only ones there, Uncle Jin and Auntie Pin discussed the matter of their wills with us quite freely. I took away some notes, made some suggestions and after a while, left for home. At home, we worked the gardens further for a bit, then Tress took the little furry black ball for a walk and I cooked some soup for later this week. We then skyped with Kiddo for a bit before getting ready for another week’s cycle of the usual grind.