Home Group Riches

We were at the home group meeting of our church last night and someone talked about a recent conference in Sydney, which was jointly organised by World Vision and Centre for Public Christianity. The main speaker in that conference was Miroslav Volf. I remember coming across his work when researching essays in MST days. As usual, I read what fancied me instead of what the work required and although the research lead to Miroslav Volf, I only needed maybe a couple of hours of reading on something he wrote. I ended up reading article after article, extract after extract – all way off the topic I had started my research on. So last night when Tress and I got home after the home group meeting, I looked up ABC’s iView on the ipad and streamed the Q&A program of maybe 3 weeks earlier, when Miroslav appeared on that wretched program.

MV was certainly an interesting character. Interesting enough for me to jump on amazon to search for his book. I got the forgiveness one because that happens to be topical now. I’m sure I’d learn heaps from it. As I would from this home group.