Health-y weekend

It was an unusual way to end the week – Tress and I took the little fellow to the vet on Friday night, to get his ears looked at. While there the vet followed up on his eye condition as well and it ended up a lengthy visit and with not an un-hefty bill to boot! We came away with a bagful of medication with promise of more to come. Sigh… in as much as the bill was painful, it was more painful to know the little fellow had challenging issues with his eye (right one) as well as his ears.

The next morning, after attending a men’s breakfast in church (with Jordan Hitchcock sharing), we went to a new dentist in Balwyn to get a plan for the myriads of problems I have had building up for a long time. It was nearly noon by the time we left Balwyn so it had been nearly 5 hours of not-fun activities.

After lunch and a quick grocery shopping and laundry drops, it was the optometrist’ turn to poke around and squeeze some moolah. Tress and I have both been experiencing vision challenges when it comes to reading on screen as well as print so we went to have it checked out. It took a lot longer than we expected and by the time it was done, the whole day had been taken up and we went home, did about an hour plus of gardening and then settled down to finally have a rest.

After church the next day we went to see Uncle Jin again, at the Western Hospital in Footscray. He looked very tired and after a couple of hours as we drove away headed for home, Tress and ached for him and Auntie Pin. We wondered what we could do to make it a bit easier for him and for them but we didn’t have any answer.

So it was a weekend that started, ended and interspersed with visits to healthcare service providers. From a little dog to a dear uncle, and I guess you can say I really got my teeth into this and we had eye-balled health issues the whole of this weekend.