Quiet, lonely beauty of Daylesford

We’re into our 10th year in Melbourne but we’d never been to Daylesford. Tress’ cousin will be getting married in April and has invited us to the wedding in Daylesford. We didn’t have anything particularly pressing last Saturday so after the usual dry cleaning run we took a drive there, taking Little Black Jedi along with us.

We left just after 9.30 and got into Daylesford about a couple of hours later. Lakehouse restaurant was one of the first place we saw and a bit after that we stopped by the lakeside and took a walk around the lake. It was a cool and calm respite, after a very warm, humid and busy week in Melbourne. We then drove towards town and after a quick check online for some places to eat, we went to a deli place called Broconcini, sat along the footpath (because of LBJ). The food was very good and service very courteous and attentive.

Other than a drive for a day out, we wanted to visit Daylesford also for the purpose of some reconnaissance.  We had the luxury of time and decided to use it to check out where we can stay when we visit for the wedding in less than 2 months. So we drove around town, then on to Hepburn Springs, saw a few choices and Tress talked to a local accommodation guide office and got some ideas too.

We left close to 3 and got home, did some grocery shopping and went home to prepare some stuff for the dinner we were going to at Ing Tung and Chin Moi’s on Sunday night. Kiddo then called on skype and we had a good chat. She was going to New York in a few days, and would be there for a couple of weeks.

On Sunday morning it rained and Tress and I were both caught as we walked from the car park to the church building, which was a distance of maybe 100 metres. We were soaked and it took a while to settle down but when we did the service was enjoyable as always. There was another very good sermon by David Williams (who is also CMS training and development leader) on looking at church through the lens of who Jesus is. We spent some time talking to a new couple (who is expecting their new baby in July).

We went home after lunch and a bit more grocery shopping and that night, after doing a simple dish to bring along, we met up with Ing Tung and Chin Moi at their home, where they had an old friend – Vincent Lu – over. Vincent’s oldest boy would be starting at Monash, along with the daughter of Catherine and Alfred, another friend in the same circle.

At the dinner, there were 5 who were in the same class in school in Sibu. 2 of them were even in the same kindergarten. All are 50 years old now with kids in uni, and it was a time for some reminiscing. We had a wonderful time with these old friends, trying to take a peek into the world of young people in uni and trying to make sense of the world we now live in. Margaret’s husband had been a senior scientist at Telstra for years but had been made redundant end of last year. The rest of us were just plodding along in what work we can find. Life goes on and time with friends is cherished. We talked about church too – about where to go and where we’ve been.

A bit strange in another time but last night, I understood some aspects of it all. Rare thing. Unusual.  But I saw – life isn’t about achieving. It is about dealing with challenges and issues at every turn and doing it honestly and if possible, corporately. To this end a place like Daylesford, though serene and beautiful maybe lacks something.