Uncle Jin, New Quite Mornings…

A couple of nights ago Tress and I felt a wave of sadness as we received news of Uncle Jin’s diagnosis. Tress then rang her parents in Klang and after that she must sat up reading to learn more about the condition.


While Uncle Jin came across as positive when we met him last weekend, so he is determined to deal with this head on. I hope he does well through the treatment process.


Other than the confronting news, other matters have added up to make this a full on week. Work continues to be unrelenting and while I still take a hardnosed approach in leaving on time (by 5.30) I now leave knowing there is so much more to do and so the pressure builds up. But I tell myself there will always be loads to do in any event so just deal with each day as it comes. But I do go home tired every day now, and can’t wait to take the little fellow out, do my gym laundry, fix lunch for the next day and then settle down with Tress and my glass of wine. It is often the best time of the day.


Or maybe that moment of a glass in one hand is being challenged as the best part of the day… I now enjoy reading the scriptures again and am working hard at going through a few chapters every morning. The sense of letting God reveal to me who He is, what He does and what please Him and what displeases Him – all of this is taking me to a place that gives me joy and peace. And so that 20-30 minute between waiting at the train platform and arriving at Parliament Station is now taken up with reading, reflecting and praying. It has been a good few weeks that way. 2014 has been good that way.


Officially there is only 3 weeks left this summer. But the unrelenting heat makes it feel like it would be a very long 3 weeks, and more likely than not, it would remain warm till at least mid April. Anyway, it would be another hot weekend, with temperatures forecast for 40 degree tomorrow… sigh…