Where to start or where is the circuit breaker?

From: Teh, Ian
Sent: Monday, 20 January 2014 10:51 AM
Subject: RE: Ben Foo

At church yesterday – cant quite remember the trigger now, could be a song/hymn or could be one of those congregation/pulpit exchange in reciting creeds.

But what I distinctly felt during the service at St Alf’s yesterday was I have forgiven that lot in Lifegate. I have totally forgiven them. But that isn’t what matters. That isn’t the point. I think the creed we recited says God has forgiven our sins in Jesus and this includes all sins – past present and future. In that sense, God has already forgiven us even before any act occurs on our part and so I too ought to do likewise. And I so I have forgiven that lot in LifeGate.

That however, is not the point and isn’t what matters. Because just as God’s forgiveness does me no good unless I come to him in repentance, my forgiveness of that lot would do no good unless there is a desire on their part, to correct what is wrong.

In that sense, all you have said all along, needs to be acted on – i.e. they need to see what they did was wrong and want to correct that. Only then would your forgiveness mean anything and be relevant. That first step on their part is what you have asked for all this while. Until that piece falls into place, nothing else would be beneficial.

Can Ben not see that? As a leader of a church, can he not see that? Why does he push you to “talk” when he doesn’t see that? Maybe ask him that, and ask if that is not a relevant thing to address. If not, who is the one going in circles and avoiding what is necessary?

Re [ ] and others who need accommodation – we just do what we can la. Learning to cope with inconveniences… and look beyond them. Hopefully we do a tiny bit of good in this world which needs huge doses of it. You were talking to her at Gerry’s the other night so that was your support and I appreciate that. I was wondering how a KL girl who speaks no mandarin or hokkien, was enjoying herself in a household like the Hipo’s so your contribution is much appreciated… Kamsiah!