Kosher Funny Cigarettes in Colorado

I was listening to a radio program while on the cross trainer in the gym this morning and someone in America presented a story on how sale iin marijuana in Colorado state had tripled since it was legalised for recreational use. The host said to the American journalist that the Colorado story had a lot of attention here in Victoria as many in this state advocate the same liberalising of cannabis use. No doubt someone has well beaten me to the take on Colorado mountain high but I suspect this high point will meet some very low points down the track. I have a feeling that 5, 10, 15 maybe 20 years down the track someone would discover the effects of widespread marijuana consumption for recreational purposes, on a community or society and they would be negative effects. The core features that hold up a community – work, education, families, healthcare, social events, religious practices – would all become adversely affected by widespread consumtion of marijuana on a recreational basis.

Eve consumed the forbidden fruit but went on to live, but that life would not be what God intended for her and Adam. That life – based on her (and Adam) calling the shots to decide what goes and what doesn’t – would essentially be death in God’s eyes.

Some fruits take a long time to grow. We wouldn’t see them so soon. But I have a feeling with this one, we’d see the effects sooner than we think. The meteor – raining fire in the sky, Rocky mountain high – would be painful to see in this one, I suspect.