Mourning for Moyes

7th position in the League
Out at 3rd round in FA Cup
Out in semi final in League Cup

That leaves only the Champions League but does anyone seriously believe we’d go far in that competition? All I ask of David Moyes now is qualification for the Champions League next season. So aim for 4th place please.

Davis Moyes has had a woeful time. Since replacing Sir Alex Ferguson in August 2013, there has been no convincing run of performances. Many blamed wholesale changes to the backroom/coaching team. Other point to his small club mentality and sometimes negative mindset.

As hard as it is to replace a behemoth like Fergie, Moyes does seem for the most part, to lack the wherewithal to get on top of his brief. There has been no semblance of fight and competition which were the hallmarks of Fergie’s teams.

I hope Moyes turns around and soon. It is at times like this that one appreciates the foresight and wisdom of Fergie’s plea for Old Trafford to “stand behind your manager”.