Gay Marriage in 2014

We spent New Year‘s eve at Jason and Mel’s together with their guests. A whole range of topics were talked about and one of them was on gay marriage.

Like I said a while back, I think gay marriage is an issue which would not go away and would be bigger and more front and centre. Already, talkback radio in the past couple of days, as they were chatting about what the big issues in 2014 would be, has identified this as one. Even if it isnt as big an issue with big parts of the community, it is one which would undoubtedly occupy chunks of airwaves, column inches and hours of dinner party conversations.

I had read Robert Gagnon’s book last year. Earlier, I read Rosaria Butterfield’s “Secret Thoughts of anUnlkiely Convert” and I still havent grappled with how to deal with this issue. Knowing an array of information and facts is one thing but packaging it all up for delivery is a different challenge.

Or maybe simply focus on sharing the gospel with as many people as possible? Wouldnt that be a better way for a church/christian to deal with this issue? It’s a tough one…

See some of Gagnon’s summary points here (the book’s a tome):