Nelson Mandela and a legacy I think some can use

And so the great man, Nelson Mandela, has died. 95 and in so many ways, “not out”! Other than recalling earlier articles in British newspapers which alluded to his tendencies to be militant during his days in the African National Congress, I associate him mainly with the truth and reconciliation process he introduced to seek a united South Africa torn apart by apartheid.

That process has become a model for many countries. It ought to be provide some clues to Tham Fuan and the other leaders of the LifeGate Church of Christ. All that constant harping of Jason not coming to the table forgets one thing: they are not interested in the truth of what they did to Jason. Without that regard, reconciliation is a hollow call. One cant, I imagine, have reconciliation without truth. The truth here is they marginalised Jason over a period of time. Excluded him especially in talks to remove him. The question of whether this happened and why they did it, is a question which must be answered before reconciliation can follow.

Mandela was a great man. He left many legacies. Truth and reconciliation as two sides to a coin is one of them. It would do us good to pay attention and mimic this great man.