ANZ Visa Rewards Program

If you have an ANZ Visa credit card and use the Visa Rewards program to redeem stuff, make sure you check your statement. They charge an annual fee of $42 and every year, I have to ring them to have it waived. It’s a 5 minute call and you’d save $42 but unless one checks statements regularly, that is $42 down the gurgler.

I made that call again a few minutes ago and they waived it again as usual. They said “Ah, you’ve been with us a since 2005, so that’s not a problem”. So why not automatically waive the fee for anyone who have stayed, for say 3 years, or even 5 years?

Banks and their fees – the fees are always negotiable but one always have to ask.

So if you have an ANZ Visa Rewards card, make sure you check your statements and have them waive the fees. It’s easy enough to walk away if they dont.


Smartphone and changed lives

I was in the men’s room at work a short while ago. All 3 cubicles were occupied. Someone was laughing in one of them. I didnt go in to use the cubicle and was only in there for a couple of minutes or so but the whole time, that guy was laughing.

I guess it had to be a smartphone thing. Pre-smartphone days, if someone was laughing inside a cubicle of a men’s room, you’d think funny.

Smartphones have come a long way in changing lives and behaviours.

In so many ways.