LifeGate Ills Continue

A dear brother is hopefully, near a bend in his (and his family‘s) journey out of a difficult situation. He has much to offer and I sincerely hope he would start on that path of serving directly and actively again.

Last week however, he had a visit from 2 members of the LIfegate board. John Burger and Ben Foo are people we’ve been blessed to have known during our time at ICC Church. The account of their visit to Jason’s however, tells me they still have no idea how to sort this mess out.

Tham Fuan, Kheang Te, Lettice Chia and David Chiang have wronged Jason badly. Jason and his family are now hurting and suffering the consequences of their wrong act. To send John and Ben to his home without any sincerity to help Jason and his family, is like playing with  a burn victim’s wound without any idea of how to salve and heal him. To drop in cold and then seek to leave hurriedly wreaks of wanton carelessness with a victim’s emotions and well being.

For as long as they dont do the simple yet difficult thing of acknowledging the wrong, the LifeGate leadership would continue to be mired in such foolishness.  What fools. While I would forgive and seek reconciliation at the drop of a hat, how glad I am now I am no longer in fellowship with such obstinate fools for now. I hope this all end soon.