Cup Weekend


Tress and I (and LBJ) were at Mornington Peninsula from Sat to yesterday. We stayed in a property a couple of kilometers after Rye. Dreamily named “Limestone”, it’s owned by a couple Graeme and Lyn Hardiman. We had booked “Waves at Tyrone” also owned by the Hardimans but ended up in Limestone at their request.

It was only 300-400m to the beach so we went there on Sat. It was a great spot as it was dog friendly so LBJ could be let loose while Tress and I sat on the beach.

The Chews came up for a visit on Monday, we had lunch at Sorrento and we came back yesterday, after a very relaxing weekend away.

Earlier on Sat morning we had done some work in the garden, including applying some “weed and feed” chemicals and weed killers, as well water and plant some shrubs. After a really nice lunch at Madam Kwong’s we pushed off just after 1pm and got to the property around 2.30. We spent a few hours on the beach, walked a little bit, and then came back home and watched tv, read and just relaxed.

When the Chews visited, we drove to Sorrento and lunched at a joint famous for its vanilla slice. The Moroccan beetroot salad was delicious as well. I first had the vanilla slice from this place back when I workd with David Sharrock in Sharrock Pitman and he organised a weekend team build event in Sorrento. That was more than 8 years ago now…

I’ve just finished re-reading Clive James‘ trilogy autobiography (Unreliable Memoirs, Falling Towards England and May Week was in June). I first read these 25+ years ago and reading them again all those years later has been a differenty albeit familiar experience. Famous Australian artistes hidden as semi fictional characters are far more easily recognisable now. I also have a copy of North Face of Soho on my shelf – which I picked up when we got back from Rey yesterday.

It has been a great year of reading for me. Trips to Malaysia, NZ and Singapore as well as daily commutes on trains gave me plenty of reading hours and my Kindle Paperwhite has been a joy of a reading tool.  At times during our stay in Limestone in Rye, I found the companion of a good book almost as comforting and soothing as being there alone with just my lovely wife.