Lesson Today: PLOT

Plotplät\: a secret plan for accomplishing a usually evil or unlawful end

Synonyms: conspiracy, design, intrigue, machination, scheme

Related Words: frame-up; manipulation, subterfuge, trickery; artifice, contrivance, cover-up, dodge, draft, maneuver, stratagem, trick; cabal, racket; connivance, conniving


Reluctant Law Suit

The palava that was the LIfegate leadership continues to hurt my mate. I dont know why church leaders can go behind someone, wrong him terribly and refuses to see the harm and hurt that has caused. Not just to him but also to his family. They are still lost, without a church to call home, and still hurt by the many for whom they have invested so much.

Someone I know has been urging that we should find recourse through the courts.  Part of a related exchange as follows:

On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 2:05 PM, Teh, Ian < > wrote:

It is unrealistic because of their obstinacy. So in that sense whether something is realistic should be irrelevant. It is whether it is right. If it is right, he should press them for it. If it isn’t then he should tell you it is not a right approach.

For him to say it is unrealistic is to give in to their inability to own up to a wrong action. If an overseeing umbrella body can tolerate that sort of attitude, then the organisation is of no use.

Gary if right in terms of (using legal means in) forcing an outcome from this bunch of clowns. The scripture is however so clear on this. It is a dispute between believers. To bring it to a secular forum is something the scriptures have said no to. There must be a reason for this. I said this to Gary many times – each time saying to him why I cannot agree with his view that a lawsuit is what’s needed. He is still trying to ask me to see this and that lawyer but I have never considered this a serious option.

 Also, a legal course will also likely mean it is even more a course of no return for you and Mel. It is a route that seals this finally – one way or another.

 Bro – that is why I am upset with people like [ ] and [ ]. They are the ones who should be pressing that bunch to do what is right. They have done nothing close to what is needed. Forget about CoC. They really are of no consequence. CoC churches might as well be totally independent. This group ([ ], [ ] and [ ]) exists only to suck financial resources out of churches. What do they do in return? They have full time jobs and seek only to protect that. All paid for by churches, who in turn are made up of battlers. In some ways they are even worse than our politicians, who at least have to fight for their right to represent us. Forget about Michael – don’t layan him anymore la. He strings you along only in the hope of being able to play a part towards correcting this but the one expected to pay all of the costs is you. Michael is not willing to take any risks – but ask you to pay the price of any progress. And you are the ONLY ONE expected to pay a price. Why layan him la?



Maybe to make this bunch see clearly, contemplating legal recourse is indeed what is needed.