Stoned, Run and Rush


I was out of it last Friday night, as I normally am that time of the week. Tress and I went to a new joint near our home. It was a stone grill restaurant and Jason and Mel came along. It was a decent place, generous servings of food but unfortunately, too secluded and hidden from thoroughfare. We stayed and talked till the restaurant was about to close, then left and went home.

On Sat morning we had something different, We did a baked beans and scrambled eggs brekky, after which I worked on the garden till early afternoon. The weather was glorious and staying out to trim and tidy the very tall James Sterling hedges, was a sweaty task but very satisfying. Later that afternoon we went to Madam Kwong’s then to a house auction in Blackburn North before returning home and taking the little fellow for a walk.


We slept early that night, after making the preparations needed for the Melbourne Marathon Festival early on Sunday morning. I had only signed up for the 10k event but my running has been so marginal lately I was a bit apprehensive.

On Sunday morning I woke with a bit of a stiff neck but went about getting ready for the event. Tress dropped me off at Brunton Avenue about 6.30, and I walked towards the MCG to drop off my stuff. I wandered around the G, soaked in the excited atmosphere, allowing the adrenalin to build up. Just at 7am I changed into my gear, walked towards the starting line and got ready for the 7.30 start. I was registered in the next wave – the second half of the 10,000+ runners who were there for that event. The gun finally went off close to 7.40am and about an hour later we came back to the G, I sprinted through the remainder 300m or so around the track, and crossed the finish before turning around to see Tress at the stands, taking photos.

We stayed back for a bit, saw the elite full marathon and half marathon runners come in at the finish, and then walked towards Richmond Station and went home. It started pouring when we reached home, and after cleaning up, we went to Madam Kwong’s again. It was a long and really enjoyable lunch…


After lunch we went to FHC and caught Ron Howard’s “Rush” – the tale of the Formula 1 rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. We then did some grocery shopping and then went home. Tress did some cooking and then just before 9pm, we went to bed and made our way very quickly toward la la land… we had been up since 5am and done heaps. Tired but happy? You bet.