Red Eggs and Roosters

One of our dear couple friends had a baby recently. That beautiful baby turned a  month old over the weekend so Tress and I were at the full moon party on Sat arvo.

We had slept in earlier in the morning, and after brekky Tress prepared the red-dyed eggs for the full moon, while I went out and did some work on the front lawn and generally tidied up the gardens. After all the egg reddening and gardening was done, we washed up and there was still time so I turned on the tele and was reminded that “House of Cards” was on.

The first 20minutes immediately grabbed me. Kevin Spacey was at this ominous and piercing best and his monologues were so brutally honest I had to laugh in irony. Thankfully we had to leave for the full moon lunch because I could have easily been a couch potato for the rest of the day just watching the show.

The weather turned really beautiful in the arvo and we just sat poolside at Gerry and Jess’ home, nibbling and sipping away amongst friends. This silver lining to a busy time at work, is thick and well defined. We only left after 5pm, and then went home to walk the little fellow. It was going to be daylight saving so we stayed home the rest of the day, having adjusted the clocks.

Sunday at church it was someone from Ridley College talking about Cranmer. My education of Anglican things was enhanced and I was starting to wonder why people felt it necessary to start new churches when old streams like this have so much to offer. I’m not discounting the independent streak and strive for autonomy as the driving factors. I have to wonder though why that is in the context of building God’s Kingdom…

After church Tress and I went to lunch at the home of someone from church. She had invited someone else along who had a hearing disability and the whole experience of listening to this person and having a conversation with her, was so enriching. Our host did a really nice Thai styled chicken salad and Tress and I had a really good time just having good conversations with new friends.

After lunch we went for our grocery shopping, and Tress then went home to do some cooking for the week while I took the little fellow for his walk again. Then after a bit more gardening I went back to House of Cards again and was just sucked in. It finished in time for me to catch up with United’s new exploits through its newest young gun (Adnan Januzaj) and also to catch bits of the Roosters’ incredible win against Manly in the rugby league grand final. After all those years living in the eastern suburbs of Sydney as a poor student, to see the Roosters crowned premiers was special. Roosters rule ok…