Great (Aussie) and Pesky (UK) Hawthorn

It was a weekend of mixed fortunes. Sat we had a barbie lunch at our place and about a dozen people were there. Despite a windy, rainy day, the barbie lunch was great and of course, Hawks’ flag was absolutely fantastic. I think we converted a few to AFL – Jason and Mel have already started donning the brown and mustard – and while Gerry and Tim/Kenji remain true Cats followers, Uncle Marloney has been a Hawks fans for years but I think we got A Hooi across the line too!

After the game, as we were saying our goodbyes to our guests on the driveway, the other homes all Hawks fans, started coming out and celebrating. Tress and I then took the little fellow for a walk and the parks and open spaces had families kicking the footy and it was a wonderful way to end the day.

That night however, United lost again – this time to lowly West Brom. I guess it was a day for Hawthorn as the EPL Hawthorns pulled one over us. It would be long climb up towards CL qualification and that is all I dare hope for this season. Moyes would be given his chance for sure. After all Fergie had something like a 6 year drought before winning his first title. I guess it is back to becoming accustomed to a non-title winning United for a little while. May it be a short spell.

Yesterday arvo, partly to stay away from the tele with repeats of the United loss, I worked on the garden nearly all arvo. We came back from church and lunch close to 2 and from about 2.15, I trimmed the back James Sterling, mowed the side and back lawns, mixed some plant food and watered the flowers and shrubs, and generally cleaned and raked and tidied the side and back gardens. It was nearly 5 when I sat down to a cold one, before taking the little fellow with Tress to the oval where loads of dogs had gathered.

He had been working on a piece of lamb neck the whole time I was working on the garden so the walk would have been good for him. He looked happy and bounced around as we moved from oval to oval (there are 4 playing fields all in) and then walked around a couple of blocks.

We got home and nibbled on Sat’s leftover barbie food, watched a Nicholas Cage DVD (Bad Lieutenant or something like that) before going to bed. It was a typical cagey – near psychotic – Cage playing the role of a coke addicted, corrupt, manipulative but smart and result delivering policeman who despite all his flaws, looked out for the little guys and sought justice. Typical heroic but flawed cop story. I don’t care – I had fun watching it and it was a good way to wind down a really good weekend. Especially when as we prepared to snooze, Kiddo messaged us on FB and we spent a few minutes “talking” and reading her blog posts.

Here’s to another great next season for the Hawks and a fighting season for United…