Delta Force… :-)

About a week ago the company big boss sent a circular to everyone, saying a senior management person will be leaving. The circular said there was a restructuring of the organisation which resulted in the position disappearing into thin air. There had been 8 of those senior management staff (called executive general managers). Less than 6 months ago there were actually 7, and my current EGM was added on as a corporate governance person having oversight of areas such as risk management, compliance, internal audit and of course legal. So my boss had a new boss and suddenly the dynamics of interactions changed.

Also, just over a year ago, the company had a new chairman who after starting her tenure, became focused on governance issues. I guess my new EGM boss was appointed as a result of that new focus. Since then, partly as a result of changes in areas of responsibilities and reporting lines, a bit of morphing process had taken place and that created waves which made a few of us bump around, tossed to and fro.

As it were, things in my company had never been stable. Changes were happening all the time. I guess this is partly due to the ever changing environment of the industry – both from the regulatory aspects as well as from the perspectives of changing landscapes on investments and expectations of the average saver/retiree. The overall state of flux (feels perpetual) is the flavour and the zeitgeist I guess. Being in an industry such as this necessitates dealing with constant change. Maybe that’s the crux of it all.

All these elements of dynamism have caused a few headaches for me. Not that I wasn’t expecting them but then I guess I was involved in a couple of projects where as a result of numerous factors and circumstances, no one knew which end was the head and who was supposed to be doing the wagging. Change is the only constant, so they say. Cliched and pained slogan bandied about so often but I’m actually living it every day. I have to say I don’t quite enjoy it.

All I really want is to come in everyday and do my work and avoid all the posturing and contests. The jostling and aggression doesn’t do it for me. If my work necessarily involves those things I’d have to consider how best to deal with it without diving full bodied into it. I’d have to wing it I guess. I know sooner or later it would be very clear to all who care to look, that my heart is not in it at all. What happens that is something I have to deal with I guess. I might go and be a council worker in some light duty capacity for example J. I need to work. Just what sort of work I can put up with is a different matter I guess. Hopefully I can just do what I have been doing, minus the political aspects.