Stop talking to loonies

From: Teh, Ian
Sent: Tuesday, 25 June 2013 10:40 AM
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Subject: RE: Generational and Cultural Differences ? – DC !

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I have always suspected that in the minds of Tham Fuan et al, my emails on that fateful weekend, were what stirred the hornet’s nest. It is clear from David’s recent emails, that my suspicions were well founded. He still thinks those emails were the source of their problems and the cause of present turmoils surrounding your removal.

I have opted not to argue with him anymore (or any of them) because their blame game has obviously found a convenient scapegoat. It is clear as day, that they have refused to see the evil and folly of what they have done to you, and now choose to deflect blame onto me.

The fact that Kheang’ s opening gambit in that meeting (with Hooi, Marloney etc.) was to ask Pauline what she thought of my emails, also cements this. They/Kheang must have thought Pauline also was the best ally to express distraught over my emails hence he asked her. They were hoping to find more support for that view, which is frightfully laughable. Pauline’s answer must have made them swear a little. You can always trust an old hand I guess. I must think about buying Pauline some flowers too… LOL.

They have chosen not to see that whereas my emails were sent on the Friday before the AGM notice was sent out that Sunday – a mere 2 days – their actions have preceded those dates for months. The fact that they had numerous meetings for months before that – all of which you knew nothing about – was somehow seen as less responsible for what happened, compared to my emails 2 days before their decision was executed. They met for months, without you present or knowing, without the knowledge of people like CH and TT, and discussed your stepping down. All without notice to you. And they think all this has less to do with the current turmoil compared to my emails.

What do you do with this line of thinking? All those noises about your permission for me to send those emails, are just flutters to make people talk about those emails. If I continue to engage David, I would still focus on the fact of those months of meetings leading up to the AGM, and how the idea of your removal as a facility to the reconciliation is so UMNO’esque. But what would that do? Those things have already been said – by you, me, Jackie, and perhaps also a few others. Saying it a few more times would not make it any less painful for you and your family and would certainly bring them no closer to admission of guilt.

When faced with such obstinacy, it is best to withdraw and let them be. Otherwise we deprive ourselves of peace and joy. I will use Tham Fuan’s lingo – I will “release” them. Like David said, “enough said”. Very cockney and Essex of him. LOL.