Couch Bookends

I was stretched out on the couch last night thinking it has been a wonderful weekend. We had caught up with Jason and Mel for dinner at India Delights on Friday night. After another long week, it was really nice to just sit down with friends for a meal. Sammy came along and after dinner we took a walk through the Chase and got some stuff, as well as having a chat with the owner of a choc shop which recently opened up in a new wing of the Chase. We then went home and I sat down to watch the footy elimination final – on the new tele set we bought the previous night.

In spite of a very busy week, for some reason I couldn’t sleep and so I woke early on Saturday morning. After the usual lazy coffee at home and a brekky of half boiled eggs and toasts, I paid a visit to Tress’ hairdresser in Mount Waverley and had a long overdue haircut. My usual place had raised prices – a hefty hike of some 30% – and the last haircut I had was in Singapore – more than 1½  months ago. So after a hiatus of several years – I had used his services years before when we lived in Mount Waverley – I had my hair cut by Simon again.

After the haircut, I got home and started on some gardening work I had planned to do. I finished trimming the hedge on the eastern rear end, cleaned the area and was about to start on the rear fence hedges when a couple of things caught my attention. The green bin was already  half full and I wouldn’t be able to trim the whole of the rear fence without leaving at least half the trimmings in one corner for the next round of green bin collection a fortnight later. Also, I noticed the miniature Japanese maple tree at the backyard was buzzing. On closer look I realised there were hundreds of bees working away on little flower shoots of the tree. It was such a beautiful thing so I decided to leave the serenity of the event and packed everything to move the work to the front lawn.

I trimmed the front box hedges which were starting to grow above the window lines, trimmed a couple of other plants, did some weeding mowed the front lawn and nature strips, and tidied up the place generally.

The little fellow had a grooming appointment at 12.15 so just after 11.30, I finished my gardening work and took him across the street to the oval for a little run around before he got groomed. He had been mucking around outside the house, mainly just lying on the flower beds under the camellias. Just after 12, from the oval, I saw the groomer’s mobile unit pulled up outside the house so I got the little fella home. While he got groomed I continued tidying up the front lawn and driveway.

Tress had been to Gerry and Jess’s place to look after their newborn while they were out at the doctor’s and some other errands. She came back when the little fellow was being groomed, went to a nearby property auction.

With the little fellow as well as myself cleaned up after a fun filled morning working around the house, Tress and I went to Madam Kwong’s for our usual Sat lunch spot. After that we went to a couple of furniture shops – still on our quest to make the reconfigured lounge look or feel more homely. We couldn’t find anything suitable, and Tress remarked maybe we could just think about yet more reconfiguration.

We got home and did some rearrangement and we both liked the result. So we decided to leave it be for a while.

Later that night we went into the city to have dinner with Tress’ cousins and other relos. It was great catching up with them, and it was particularly pleasing to see Adam’s 2 kids growing well. Alden, their older one, has become a lively, bright and thoughtful boy. We took the train/tram in and Marina dropped us off at Spencer St to catch the train home. We got home just before 10.45pm – and I settled down to watch United play and win its first home game under Moyes. In truth, the opposition wasn’t a stiff test – Crystal Palace has always lost to United – and it was a pedestrian game, with both our goals coming from set pieces (a RVP penalty and a Rooney free kick). I went on to watch the first half of the next game – wanted to see how Mezut Ozil fitted into Wenger’s team – before heading for bed.

Sunday we listened to Brian Rosner from Ridley College preach. Jason, Mel and Joyce came long to St Alf’s and after church we went to Malaysian Kitchen for a big lunch and a good chat. After lunch Tress and I went to Bunning’s and I picked up some “feed and weed”,  a new plant (polygala something – a milkwort) and some potting mix, and some weed killers. We came home, I planted the new buy, applied the lawn stuff, sprayed some weedkillers at the front around the pine tree, and then went back in to really put the feet up and enjoy the rest of the weekend… only a few hours left. I fixed the cabling behind the new tv and the splendour of the new technology became a lot more obvious.

Kiddo rang via skype, and because it was early (around 7pm) we chatted for a bit and it was really good. After fixing my lunch, I settled on the couch again. It was a wonderful weekend.