Nothing to see, move on

After another busy week, we ended last week by sharing very good meal with a few friends, at the Old Kingdom in Surrey Hills. After dinner we headed home and had an early night.

The next day we had our usual coffee, eggs and toast at home before starting some work around the house. We had booked a hard waste collection and were planning to throw out a few pieces of furniture and appliances which had broken down. The council used to designate hard waste weeks every few months and for that week or so, everyone would be busy with this and nature strips would be strewn. Now, there are no more designated days and anyone with large items to be disposed had to ring council to “book” a collection. We made our booking early last week and the pack – with instructions and a label sticker – came in a couple of days later.

Tress and I removed a couch, cleaned the room, rearranged the remaining furniture and cleaned the place some more. She then went on to do the laundry and other housekeeping and house cleaning stuff while I emptied an old wobbly shelf in the study, to get rid of that shelf. Along with the shelf I also threw out a slew of old stuff, which then freed up some space in the study.

I had also taken a couple of old suitcases from the shed and so took the opportunity to reorganise and clean the shed a little bit.

We went out for our usual errands around noon, and after a spot of lunch went back home and I reorganised the study to attempt getting all books and files into the remaining bookshelf without getting a new one. I barely succeeded and after taking the little fellow out for a walk we came home and Tress prepared some a fruit platter for dinner at Alex’s. Alex appeared to have returned to his old form, throwing a dinner party with several families all at once, making it awkward not to connect with everyone.

Sunday was Father’s Day but nothing was happening on the home front – after church we went to lunch with Jason and Mel and their kids, and then went and bought some stuff for a friend who’s sick and wanted to have some Chinese soup of some kind. We then got home. I did some work while Tress brought that stuff over.

Later that night I realised it was getting increasingly difficult to have good communication with Kiddo. Her hours are different to ours and I am always mindful of an early night on account of early starts, and a whole week of silence in terms of emails/messaging, just didn’t warm up to a good conversation – especially when I was caught by surprise with her summer plans which ruled out some stuff I was hoping to do. I guess such is the nature of grown up kids – their own lives take on more and more centre stage. I guess it is only right I withdraw more and more for her to have her own space and do what she likes. Like John say of Jesus, he (she) must be bigger and I, smaller. My life is on the other side of the hill now. She on the other hand, still has peaks to scale from which she would savour the sight and breath of being on top of the world. There must be little I do which thwarts that process I guess.