Settling down again

Finally Tress and I managed to get stuck into cleaning up the garden over the weekend. I’ve not done any work on any part of the house outside its external walls, since we returned from Singapore. The lawns and backyard were overgrown and weeds were all over the flower bed and everywhere else. As soon as we got home from church and lunch, we I changed into my “work clothes”, and Tress took the little fellow for a walk while I started.

We had been to church as official members for the first time that morning, having been formally registered. It has been some 9 months since we left LifeGate. We’ve been to St Alf’s since May and the last 3-4 months have seen us settle down. After church we went to look for a pair of work shoes for me. My two pairs are both problematic – one has a worn out sole which admits water on very wet days, and the other squeaks uncontrollably. We bumped into Jason and Mel at Doncaster Westfield and so had lunch with them.

When Tress got home with Scruff, she too started on the gardening work. We pushed on for a few hours before she went back inside to start cooking some soup for the week. We’ve been enjoying her very delicious vegetable soup for a few weeks now, usually on Monday and Tuesday nights.

The day before, we’d slept in a little bit, and after a leisurely breakfast at home we went to the Ikea store at Victoria Gardens in Richmond. Since we reconfigured the lounge and dining room, we’ve been thinking of replacing our furniture but the constant trips to Canberra and prep to Singapore meant an unsettled period and it is only now we have been able to think about doing this. So we walked the floors of Ikea to get some ideas of what’s possible/available. We came away with some thoughts but had to first plot to get rid of the old stuff…

Later that night (Sat) we went to the home of a family in Scoresby and had dinner with them. It was a few suburbs away and felt far but it was actually only less than 20km away and on a good run, took less than 20minutes. I knew because Tress forgot her purse and we had to go back, which allowed me to time and gauge.

Sunday morning it was Peter and after the service, we went up to see him to collect our certificate and I said to him (in response to his question) that the sermons have been good in that they made me think what I should do in response. I had already responded to some sermons in taking action in some ways but I hope to continue doing this.

We need to settle down, quite badly.