Rest and Merry Go Round

After a long and exhausting week, it was wonderful to have been able to spend Friday night having a meal with friends. We were at Gerry and Jesslyn’s for a steamboat dinner and earlier that arvo, a few emails were exchanged all confirming it had been a long and exhausting week for everyone. So the night started with some very good red wine and the food, company and wine for the whole evening was a great way to end the week.

Tress and I slept in on Sat morning – sort of – waking up around 8am. We lazed around, made proper coffee and breakfast, and for no particular reason, started to clean the kitchen and a few appliances. I started with the turbo “Ezy-Cook” oven, and Tress scrubbed out the main pot of that machine, and we sort of threw out some old boxes and jars, bottles and made some room in some cupboard space.

We then went out early in the afternoon. After the usual laundry and grocery shopping, we went to Madam Kwong’s again. After lunch we just drove aimlessly and headed to Doncaster Westfield. We picked up some coffee beans and pods, and then dropped by a video store and picked up a couple of DVD’s. The rest of the Saturday was just going to be vegging out with movies.

“The Hunter” starred William Defoe and was filmed in Tassie. The sceneries were stunning but the movie was slow going but was enjoyable none the less. It was nightfall by then. We pushed on with the second one – Denzel Washington in Bob Zemeckis’ “Flight” was very good. It was as much about alcoholism and confronting one’s demons in that cauldron, as it was about an aircraft accident. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

We finished off the evening with skyping kiddo and watching some EPL bits after that.

Sunday was uneventful – went home after church, did some work and then headed to Jason and Mel’s for dinner. They invited a family from the old church and naturally the conversation eventually found its way to the fiasco surrounding the leadership. We got home late – for a Sunday night – and after staying up to fix lunch, we went to bed. I wondered – not for the last time – how Jason was going to see this out. Or more accurately, how those leaders would see this out.