LBJ and the quiet home front

The little fellow now crouches on either a couch or on either one of our laps most evenings. He craves affirmation and we are way too happy to provide it. I think on some days, he likes this part of a weeknight more than his walk. The past couple of nights, he wasn’t as excited when I put the harness on him – a prelude to his walk. He’d be a bit lost, take his walk quickly, and when he returns, look as though he’s happier just slouched in front of the tv with us.

The day’s getting longer. Daylight appears earlier and sunset comes around later. Still, it remains near pitched dark when I take him out for his walk. Sometimes, I’d see a possum walk across a cable and stop to look. He’d tug at the leash to get ahead and I’d say to him to wait. He’d turn around and look at me repeatedly after that – as though he was saying “you’re not stopping again are you?”. He’s very cute.

Often however, I’d go home after the walk with him, and after an hour or so, I’d wish kiddo was home. He’d be happier and certainly I’d be too.

In as much as the little black jedi keeps us smiling at the end of a wretched day at work, we’d be far happier if the jedi’s master is present in person…

It’s Friday arvo, and other than a meeting with some compliance people from the clients offices, I still have a heap of stuff to do on a couple of big documents. Yet I feel a bit flat now. It has been a long week and it is times like this, that the home feels especially safe. If only however, little black jedi is not all alone when we’re not there.