Work…supported by loving care

Work is starting to get to me. At any one time now, I have 4-5 major assignments and torn amongst respective champions of the relevant causes. Each wants the clauses drafted, opinions provided, emails responded to, letters issued, all around the same time. And I’m still extracting myself out of here as close to 6pm at the latest, as possible. Weekend work has become a norm, and my boss now makes no apologies for handing out tasks on Friday nights and expecting turnarounds by Monday. He even sends out emails on Mondays asking if those tasks could be delivered “ASAP”.

Coupled with the escalating workload and the pressure that comes with it, is the resignation of a team mate. One of 3 full time permanent lawyers (a full time contract lawyer and my boss make up a 5 person team) her resignation is a significant blow to us in that instantly, the collective workload shoots by 20%. This, against an already seam-stretching scenario.

The sweet start of leaving not long after 5pm with nary a weekend work, is now a distant memory. Colleagues have started to remark I look haggard and my shoulders are dropping now. I’m glad I still manage to sneak into the gym as before, and get some exercise in. My daily 8km or more is still regularly clocked for now, so at least life is still not too bad.

This morning, I was a bit tired and in trying to clown around with the dog, I promptly forgot my lunch and more importantly, I also forgot my belt. There was to be a 9 o’clock with a client so that was going to be embarrassing. It is probably my self-conscious tendencies, more so than client actually noticing an absence of an often obscure piece of accessory. Still I felt incomplete.

As I was finishing off my run on the treadmill with a steep walk I felt a jab to my side. I turned and was Tress – looking far fresher than my sweat soaked self. She had responded to my hour of need and brought both my lunch and my belt. It wasn’t my regular belt but I felt less incomplete none the less. Far less. I felt really loved and cared for at that point, and was utterly grateful for a loving and caring wife.

The busy work load sort of didn’t matter after that. I could take on anything…almost…

Work is starting to get to me but a dear loving wife makes it easier. Very grateful indeed…