Small wonders, little joys

I worked a touch late on Friday, and left the office just before 6.30. We had a quick dinner at the Paparich place in Nunawading, got a DVD (Brad Pitt’s “Killing me softly”) and went home. I was just looking forward to a quiet night in and sleeping in the next day.

We got home and Kiddo skyped in so we just spent the night chatting with her instead of watching the DVD. We went to bed reasonably early and still sort of slept in the next day.

We’ve been having brekky at home on Saturdays for a while now. The coffees, toasts and eggs would have cost us $25-$30 eating out and maybe $5 at home. And we could take our time, walk around in our trekkies and have the radio on, with the little fellow at our feet.

We eventually left home close to 10am, Tress going for a haircut. Then it was our usual laundry drop/pick up and grocery shopping and then a late lunch at Madam Kwong’s.

Then we went home and watched Brad Pitt’s movie in the arvo before going over to Alex’s to catch up with him and his family over some home cooked mee hoon kueh and equally delicious Japanese whiskey. Li Har has become such an accomplished cook and it was great to just sit down over a quiet home cooked meal and talk as old friends.

We went home just after 11, watched the Ashes for a bit and then went to bed.

On Sunday we went to St Alfred’s as we have for the past 3 months now. This time however, we were there as members – I think. The previous Sunday we handed in our membership papers to Peter (the Senior Minister) and I’m assuming and considering ourselves as members. It’s only a form however, albeit an important one.

I caught up with Pam, the Secretary of Missions Interlink. She asked how I was going, having re-entered my old world of in-house legal work. I told her I was enjoying work but it wasn’t what I had wanted to do. I had wanted to remain in a role that made me feel like I was contributing in a more direct manner, towards making a difference in God’s kingdom. I didn’t say this to her but I guess she knew what I was saying. She said she was meeting Richard Dickins on Tuesday and I asked if she could convey my best wishes to him.

I do feel that my detour into that world – a sticky beak into the world of ministry – was a bit of a failure. A lot of that had to do with my parallel experience with the church at that time I suspect. I don’t know if that world would re-surface for me. I feel as though a lot of what I experience at work now, is familiar territory – a lot of corporate merry go round which doesn’t seem to add value in things that matter the most. I know that’s not the only way to view things and putting on different lenses would allow me to see this work as another funnel for me to contribute. It is after all, interesting, challenging and satisfying work.

Most importantly I guess, are the twin factors of a (thoroughly) full day’s work – one that makes me feel, at the end of each working day, that I have put in a full working day and spent myself – and of work that paid well. Not grotesquely well by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly well enough to meet the extras arising from opportunities which have come kiddo’s way. At least it wouldn’t make a dent to an already meagre retirement pool, and even add to it a little bit.

Anyway, we also chatted with a handful of other people, including Tress’ interaction with the church treasurers to offer some book keeping services advertised in the church bulletin.

Jason and Mel were visiting – it had been a healing service which I mentioned to them about – so just a bit after 12pm, we left for a lunch date with some old ICC members at a new Indian restaurant in Mount Waverley/Syndal –  a place known as Corlam’s Kitchen on Blackburn Road.

After lunch we went to Auntie Hooi’s and Uncle Marloney’s for some fruits and only came home just after 5pm.

It was raining then, so we stayed in. Tress cooked some soup for the week, I played with the little fellow and surfed the net, before paying homage to the Masterchef franchise and then going to bed.

We tried to skype kiddo – having heard earlier that the general elections would be held on 7 Sept – but she was out so we went to bed, just after 9pm. Early but such is our life now. We aren’t unhappy that’s for sure. But it remains mundane…

Maybe that’s the secret to happiness – seeking out the small wonders and little joys of everyday life. This morning for example, I did a 10k run. Standing under the shower after that, I did not feel tired or washed out. So I thought, I should be happy with that. And I was. I had dropped a handful of kilos since about 3 months ago, and I’m running more comfortably now. The tits are sore from the hour long pounding but other than that I was fine.

I also enjoyed the packet soup we got over the weekend. It was just your regular Campbell processed stuff – stuff that is probably sodium laden but with croutons and the creamy texture, the hot savoury beverage was near perfect accompaniment for a chicken mayo and sliced tomato sandwich. That too was a small wonder – little joys – but one can find happiness and satisfaction there, quite easily.

And now as I look out the windows on my 19th floor office, into the north eastern horizon of outer Melbourne – some say we can see the Macedon rangers on a clear day – I realise what a privileged position I’m in to see the beautiful sunset every day from my desk. The glimpse of beauty – albeit transient – is a wonder to behold.