Yet more new days

Kiddo has now settled into her new digs for just over a week. This time last week Tress and I were at some hawker place in Bencoolen/Bugis in Singapore, having brekky while waiting for her to make her way from the western fringe of the CBD, into the city to see us. The journey was a longish one – close to an hour from door to door – but the process is not quite as painful as it may sound.

She’d take a 5-10min walk across campus grounds, to a bus stop where she’d wait for a campus shuttle to take her to the Kent Ridge MRT station on the circle (yellow) line. From there, she’ll hop on and get off two stops later at the Buona Vista exchange to take the east-west (green) line and head eastward, getting off at the Bugis station.

Around this time last week we waited at the Bugis station for her to emerge from the belly of the efficient MRT. We then took a walk towards a favourite coffee and toast place known as Ya Kun, just in the next building from where our hotel was.

A couple of days ago Tress and I were already talking about the possibility of making a quick trip over the Melbourne Cup weekend. That however is over 3 months away and by then it would have been just a month before she returned. It would also likely be a busy time of essays, assignments and exams. So maybe an earlier trip would work better.