Expecting and unexpecting

It’s half way through winter. It’s a bit more than half way through the calendar year. We hear this said on most years but it really feels like the year has so far zipped past so very rapidly.


I spoke with my mum on the phone last night. She’s still half hoping to make the trip across the border and meet us in Singapore but given my comms with my brother suggest he is unlikely to be there, her next trip is probably headed north instead. May will be moving into their new digs in Xuzhou next month some time apparently and mum is always more at home in China so I’m sure it’d be a good thing that’s she’s looking forward to.


The chat to mum also made me realise there was perhaps an unspoken expectation that we’d make a detour to Klang when we’re in Singapore. Tress’ parents asked the same thing and at a lunch with some old friends yesterday, we were also asked the same thing. Alex was back to Malaysia just the past week and he said to us some relatives of ours had told him we’d do that detour.


I’m not sure if I said to anyone we’d do that but I guess sometimes that’s just expected. Unspoken for sure but not that doesn’t mean we should expect it. I guess that also means we have now lost touch of expectations of relatives in Malaysia. We’d no longer know for certain how to behave when amongst them, probably.


What’s unexpected is the balmy weather this week promises to be. It was cold the past couple of weeks or so and when someone in church mentioned to me that we’d see a 19-20 deg couple of days this week I couldn’t believe it. This morning before leaving home I checked and the 12 deg reading made me smile. All I left home with was just a scarf. With a laptop and my gym gear, any coat or jumper I could leave behind was going to a bonus. This sort of weather right in the middle of winter is a bit odd. Climate change exponents might say to sceptics “I told you so”. But then again weather oddities are probably not the sort of evidence a climate change proponent would rely on too heavily perhaps. But what do I know. I’m just happy to be given a break in not having to lug big coats, jumpers, gloves, beanies et al.


It’s half way through winter and a bit over half way through the year. The year has flown past quickly but I hope the balmy winter morning stay a while.