Weekend’s (nearly) here…

Work has ramped up considerably and the old adage about being careful with what one wishes for is becoming too true for comfort. I remember being occasionally bored in Steer and although I appreciated the free time it gave me, somehow I longed to be busier. No doubt the extra money mattered too and as much as that was a major factor, wanting to be busy doing legal work was a factor which I could not dismiss entirely. Nearly 14 months hence and the caution rings true.

I still leave the office no later than 5.30 each day although I continue to have early-ish starts, usually by 8am. Some days (like yesterday, when I finished up close to 7pm!) I finish up later but those are rare. Those (usual) hours usually fly by however and I leave tired and ready to unwind with a glass of red and go to bed. This routine is now a familiar pattern. It hasn’t always been the same hours or same day end beverage, but the patterns are the same.

And so I’m tired now but better tired in this manner than the Steer routine.

I’m also physically tired. Maybe it’s the winter and it has been cold the past couple of weeks. I’m sure however, that the other reason is I have stepped up my treadmill running. This week I have been on 3 times, each running (literally) for an hour and covering between 9km to 10km. So this week has seen some 28+km clocked up. It has been a long time since that happened. What all that meant was I’m out of it by about 9.30pm. The busy work day and extended runs dry me up and I often just collapse into bed by 10pm at the latest. I’d be mad if the old electric blanket fires blank and leaves a cold bed. The darn thing now alternates between screwing up either on my side or on Tress’ side of the bed. Either way it’s a gamble each way every night and lately, I have been copping the short end of the stick. The cold bed is temporarily ice cold and I’d get in, wrap myself under the doona and moan and groan till the cold wears off…and I drift off to wake to another day with more of the same.