Windows to close

Last weekend we slept in, and went to the Chinese restaurant on Waverley Road known as Imperial and had a yum cha lunch there. After that we trekked into the city, explored the botanical gardens and the Shrine of Remembrance (my first time), before heading into the Myer store in the city for some coffee and cakes.

After coffee we went up to the tech department of the store to have a look at laptop computers. My laptop (a Toshiba) was showing signs of nearing death, with repeated displays of the dreaded blue screen. I had seen Sony VAIO machines on specials, on the Myer online pages and thought I’d take a look.

We ended up getting Kiddo a MacBook Air. I decided we (as in Tress and I) could use her old MacBook Pro. We had assurances there was nothing the Pro could do which the Air couldn’t, and the Air was much quicker and lighter so it worked out well. Plus, if Kiddo took the Air with her to Singapore we could also claim the GST rebate. Finally, the Air was on special (which was rare for Apple products) so it all added up. Kiddo has been busy transferring her stuff to the Air and cleaning up the Pro for us to use and last night, she gave us a tutorial and I’m starting to get the hang of things. After years of Microsoft, I have to start unlearning all that Windows stuff and start to learn the Mac way.

20 years of Microsoft Windows, often 7 days a week and for at least 5 of those days, often at least 8-9 hours a day… very hard to unlearn sufficiently to make the Mac experience smoother. Thankfully the iPhone and iPad of recent years should make this transition easier.