zzz… :-)

Life has become mundane for me. That’s not necessarily as negative as it may sound. Sometimes monotony can be a good thing. An exotic laden phase can be draining and respite can seem far away and very out of reach. Having one’s head down and getting on with the daily grind can be therapeutic and may be just what the doctor ordered. So I wouldn’t – shouldn’t – sweat it when life feels like it is just simply putting one foot in front of the other.

Last weekend we slept in a little bit and then Tress and Kiddo went for their dental appointments while I did my dry cleaning runs, came back and took the little black hero for a longish walk, before coming home and waiting for the ladies to return.

We then went to lunch at Madam Kwong’s and then went to the Westfield in Doncaster. I was hoping to score good value suits which were on massive specials in Myer but they didn’t have my size. I picked up a portable hard disk drive however, and when we came back, I installed it and backed up some of my stuff from the laptop, which recently had started to feel wonky and showed the blue screen of death, repeatedly.

Just after 5.30, we got ready and made the drive into the city where we were to meet some friends for dinner. We parked close to Tress’ office and walked to the restaurant, which was heaving with rugby fans. The visiting British Lions was going for a series clean sweep against the Wallabies and the restaurant had the red jerseys of the Lions overwhelmed the green and gold of the Wallabies. The restaurant was so noisy we could hardly carry out a conversation. The noise abated towards 8pm when the game was supposed to start. The food was very ordinary, and after dinner we adjourned to one of the dinner companions’ home for drinks – at the request of a little 3-year old!

We got home close to 11pm.

We were in St Alfred’s again on Sunday and after church we went to a local joint and met up some friends for lunch. And then it was home where all 3 of us took the little black jedi for another longish walk, before heading home and just lazed ourselves in front of the tele and just eating junk food…

Like I said, life has become a bit mundane recently…

Again though, sometimes monotony works. On Monday, a 1-hour run sounded very monotonous but I kept my head low and did it – the 6 mile/9.6km was painstaking slow but it was better than most days the past 2 years have seen. It felt good – the endorphins have been absent for far too long and the recent crawls back into the treadmill sessions have been great. This morning – same thing. Slower – 9km but a steeper incline. I was near buggered and crawled into work later than usual, but mainly because the train was late this morning. The 6am didn’t show up till 6.20, and then instead of doing the city loop it went to Flinders, so I had to get off at Richmond and wait for another train to get into Parliament station – bummer.  But at my desk, the endorphins were still dazzling and I was buzzing…

When life takes on a monotony one begins to appreciate the little gems to be picked up.