Bye Canberra (for now)

We went up to Canberra on Sat morning. It was to be our last trip for a while. We got into Canberra late in the afternoon, and immediately started packing stuff into the X-trail.

By around 5pm, we quickly left for our B&B, and then went to a wonderful restaurant – Mork’s. We then came back to the lodgings, and the next day we slept in, lazed around a bit before returning to complete the process of emptying out Kiddo’s room in Burton and Garran hall. We then whiled away the arvo – and I watched a wonderful documentary on I.M Pei and his creation of the museum of Islamic art in Doha. After church, we went home and after chatting to our fellow lodgers for a while, I had a few glasses of red while reading. Before I knew it, I had nearly finished the whole bottle, which now made this article very interesting…

We left on Monday morning, drove through very heavy rain for most of the way, and got into Melbourne before 5pm. Kiddo and Tress did a wonderful job of unpacking everything. I helped, but my main tasks were to cook dinner (vege soup) and take the little black jedi out for his walk.

Back in the gym this morning, the 9km now feels really good. It shook off all that tightness from the long drive… the next 3+ weeks should be great. And… no more drives to Canberra till 2015!