It was freezing cold this morning. I could tell as soon as I got out of bed and went out from the bedroom into the hallway. When I checked and realised it was 1deg, I felt even colder. Doing the usual things to get ready became more laboured but when I finally made my way out of the house, I had a big coat and a beany on. I also had a bottle of lukewarm water in my hand.

I opened the front door and it was freezing cold outside. My coat is all zipped and buttoned up right to my chin and the beany was pulled way down. I left the backpack and coffee in the car, and started squirting the water bottle on the windscreens, windows and side mirrors.

The car dash said it was 2deg. The water helped a little but there was still frosts and even a splinter sleet on the windscreen and it took a while for the fogged views to clear up.

In the gym, I got on the treadmill and as soon as I had my earphones on, the news confirmed what I already felt – it is the coldest morning in years.

The 6 miles took its time and warmed me up considerably. So when I got into the office a bit later than usual, my boss was already at his desk. I was tired from the run but warmed up to start work…