I have been trying to step up my cardio work a little bit in recent weeks, and so I’m inching up my attempt to regain some cardio fitness. For a while now, I’ve limited my cardio work to the cross trainer, which felt less intensive than a run on the threadmill. I started out by just doing the one or two runs of not more than 4-5km each time, and mixing it up with cross trainer, steps or even bicycle work. After a while I pushed both the distance and speed button up a little each week.

 It has been about 3-4 weeks now and I’m starting to get back to the 8-10km, 3-4 times a week type of range. A good week was 32km but that was 4 days of an hour each. Slow as…

 Yet, I feel better already, and more alert. Calluses and sore legs notwithstanding. This morning it was a 9.3km in about an hour – definitely heading towards the 10-11km an hour mark. That was the benchmark of yesteryears, when I had more hair and less waistline. In fact that was more than 10 years ago now. To reclaim grounds lost so long ago, seems daunting but it is just good to have a feel, have a shot almost, at a landing on those grounds again. I could almost hear the little girl cheering me on – “run Forrest…”