Refreshing … grateful

A pair of old couple friends came over for lunch on Sat. TT and Maudrene are pastors and missionaries whom we’ve known for a number of years, from when we were in Malaysia. TT was involved in a series of meetings between Tham Fuan and Jason and the way it all went pear shaped while TT was away in Malaysia and Russia caused a lot of grief and so when TT came back, he started to meet with several people.

We had lunch in our home. Tress and I went and bought some takeaway from Madam Kwong’s, and prepared bits of supplementary dished. We talked and cleared up a few things.

That night Tress and I went to the Hii’s home and were treated to a wonderful home cooked “meehoon kueh”. Jason and Mel were there as well.

We returned to St Alfred’s on Sunday morning. There was a men’s weekend away so about 50-60 people were missing. There was still a sizeable congregation but other than we’ve been there for just over a month now, those extra empty seats made us sit closer to the centre and a bit more to the front. That turned out to be a good thing because we were treated to another fabulous piece of preaching.

Matthew 12:46-50 was given a focus that was so sharp and refreshing. The usual takeaway of us becoming brothers, sisters and mothers of Jesus by doing His Will, was given a deeper level of treatment – how Jesus is to affect our worldview as opposed to where Jesus fits into our worldview. That was a bigger ask and it’s the sort of preaching which has been sorely missing – not just in LifeGate but unfortunately, in many churches in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne (especially Asian churches).

I’m very grateful for this find. Thanks, Kiddo…