Social Media – Bad for Reflection?

Tress was watching an old episode of Master Chef on the ipad last night. One of the contestants (an older lady) was very affected by the noisy environment and could not be her usual self. The contestants were a really noisy bunch and I said to her I too, would have hated such an environment.

Silence is a forgotten virtue sometimes, especially in today’s social media flooded environment. See this article

And yet, the “noise” generated by all these channels arent all bad. Like many technological developments, these are tools which by themselves are neither good nor bad. They take on the characteristics and purpose of the user. So, while I thought the article thoughtful and insightful, I have to say that often, some of these channels actually allow better reflection. It all depends on the character and objectives of the user. Some reflect better by reading and writing. While channels such as facebook and tweets have limited breath and depth of expression, they can be wonderful links to sources of material that allow better reflection. Certainly, this blog has allowed me to reflect much better than simply being out in the bush somewhere.