Heartaches Continue

Tress and I have had some really wonderful time recently. It is the serenity of having just emerged from a very messy bog of a phase, one we (I in particular) were totally unfamiliar with.

Yet in the midst of my new found peace, I ache from day to day. The pain of seeing Jason and Mel go through a similar journey – several times more severe – is almost palpable.

This morning we received copies of emails where it looked as though Tham Fuan and his leaders have sought to implicate Jason in a departure of Chek Chia.

Chek was the pastor of ICC when we first attended that church, but he left about a year and a half after we started attending. It was then that Jason became the de facto pastor for the next 5+ years. Chek’s departure was a fuzzy event in the sense that no one knew exactly why he left. What we know was Jason made all attempts to have him stay.

The suggestion that Jason had a problem getting along with pastors, is an evil attempt by whoever was responsible, to cast aspersions on a brother which is totally unfounded. It is a lie of a very grave sort. Jackie had told us that Tham Fuan asked her that question in their meeting so we have reasons to think it is Tham Fuan who now makes this point. If this is true, it is very hard to explain – like I said in an earlier entry – how this man who is a full time minister, can publicly say he came to Jesus at the foot of the cross and yet go on to falsely implicate a brother in that manner.

Tress and I want to stay out of this but I offered to look into this. Jason declined and I’m glad he did but I also pine for the right thing to be done by him and for this lie to stop. Jason and Mel have been hurt enough. Why do people want to go on hurting them by spreading such lies?