Widow in a funeral

Our dear friend has been with that church for so long. She’d told us so many times that when she first walked into the church her two kids were only so young – maybe 3 or 4 years old. Those kids are 19 and 21 now. After spending nearly a lieftime in that church, one can only imagine the depth of descent her soul has plumbed.

Her husband, who has given his life and more for so long, has been trampled and discarded. A bunch of fools and ingrates who lied and schemed to get rid of him. These low life ockers rejoiced, I hear. How can they call themselves christians, let alone leaders?

Not a word, not so much whisper or a gesture, to indicate they know the depth of pain they have caused. What became of them I wonder, that they allow themselves to be the seats of such plots of hatred and evil. What’s worse – all dressed up in a despicable disguise to whitewash the dirty tombs. The ugly proclamation of altruism that is so misplaced its ugliness defies the basest imagination.

I did one thing well and that is to renounce and stay away from that squalor.

When I see that dear friend, I cant help but think of a widow in a funeral.

Widow at a funeral


Of Tears and Other Public Displays

In introducing the bill for disability care, Julia shed a tear or two. It was a measure of public distrust in her, that so many expressed their doubt as to the authenticity of that emotion.

See this short piece where it said:

of “authenticity” as a leadership characteristic. Without it, leaders cannot expect to influence others

And also this:

it is also true that precisely because of the artifice she has employed as Prime Minister, many will dismiss the raw emotion as more play-acting.

And then there was this story on public apologies:

figures who have fallen from grace have little choice but to make public apologies that have a theatrical element in them.

And this:

But officials “feel compelled to apologize publicly’’ to keep their job

And finally this:

public mea culpas often seem designed to help people keep their jobs