Man Plans – Only God Can

My plan of action worked out reasonably well yesterday. Tress and I had a very late night on Sat, getting to bed only well after 1am. but I still crawled out of bed on Sunday morning at about 6am. I went into the study, and spent some time before the Lord.

Tress and I were a bit excited when we took off just at 9.45, which was I think a great sign.

We pulled into the car park about a few minutes before 10 and to our surprise, the place was crowded. In the study earlier that morning, I had also turned on Light FM’s early morning broadcast which had a message on Pentecost Sunday. The crowd, Tress and I were told by a very friendly lady seated next to us, was because of Pentecost Sunday celebration.

The fact that this church celebrated Pentecost Sunday by involving kids and to teach them about the advent of the Holy Spirit and did this on a church wide celebration involving everyone, was another comforting sign. Also, the interpretation of the events of Acts 2 was done in such a confident and clear manner, bode well. 

At the end of the service the friendly lady seated next to Tress walked us out into the foyer and introduced us to the senior minister. We had a quick introductory chat and Tress and I later said this was promising.

The first step to my plan of action has turned out very well…

We were both very pleased but there was then the spectre of an ugly afternoon in my previous home. I had wanted to stay away from that foolishness but like Al Pacino famously said in Godfather III, “Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in”. But I told myself this was just to be with a dear brother as he journeys through this foolishness perpetrated by others. So Tress and I went to that circus.

We kept our eyes on our plan of action however. I’m looking forward to wait before the Lord to see how the rest of this plan plays out. Only He can make it happen.