Stats and Greener Grass

Statistics can be a funny thing. It can make one sound important. It is as though when stats are pulled out, one needs to justify a position. But statistics can be totally meaningless as well.

Chelsea Football Club this morning became the first club to win the Champions League and the Europa League back-to-back“, so I heard on the radio this morning. I was saying to myself then – what was the point of that data? It was totally meaningless.

But my mate in London would be pleased one way of another. I know he hated Benitez and this victory is unlikely to change that but he would be very happy with this achievement all the same. Good on you, Alex.

I wonder now how things might have panned out, had I quietly obeyed my erstwhile employer’s directive for me to go work in the London office. For weeks I was poring over flats for rent in SW6, in the Fulham area of London. I noticed it was so close to Stamford Bridge. Tress and I had been to that city a few times and while we enjoyed the holiday, the idea of living and working in London couldn’t have been further from our minds.

Many young people in Australia want that opportunity. In fact I have a lawyer in the team who worked there for many years. He still speaks with an English accent. He is a towering fellow so other than craning my neack to look at him when he speaks, I also have to listen carefully to that wonderful resonance of that crisp English accent. He went over thinking it would do his career a lot of good. I guess it must have but I also wonder if the trend of looking towards the “old country” was partly responsible.

Maybe it is because the grass on the other side often appears greener.

I used to say to my colleagues who wanted to hop over to a competitor firm or bank, that the grass is greener on the other side for a reason. It is possible that there is more manure on the other side which allowed the grass to look greener.

So as Chelsea chases Wayne Rooney’s signature, I hope Rooney sees the vastly superior statistics of Man Utd and the grass in Stamford Bridge may look greener because of the manure Abramovich heaps on that club…