Dishonest leaders

Why has dishonesty been such a prevalent theme lately?

Even Obama’s administration has been caught lying on the Benghazi tragedy and other matters. Now, Swan and Gillard are accused, also of gross dishonesty.

How is it these patently dishonest people are allowed to stay in office?


Just Ask (Or LMGTFY?)

Apparently Tham Fuan was advised the LifeGate AGM could not be postponed due to CAV requirements.

Who advised him I wonder, and would he himself want to heed members’ request to postpone the AGM? If he himself doesnt want to, he actually did not need the advice.

If he wanted to, he could have asked if the person who gave the advice was sure.

The AGM can be postponed. The CAV allows it. One simply need ask.

Even if one of these “leaders” wants to hide behind formal laws, at least get it right.

As many have said in this saga, it’s a matter of what the leaders sincerely want to do. If they want to let members clear the air before charging ahead with the AGM, they simply need ask. Or simply google like so :

If they are not interested in heeding members, then dont seek refuge under formal laws, especially when the laws permit the AGM to be postponed.