Bad combo

When I took the little fellow for a walk last night, it felt like winter has finally and truly arrived. It was chilly, dark and wet. My woolly jumper felt inadequate at the start of the walk. That fellow however, was excited as ever. He was just bobbing around and sniffing at everything. Occasionally I’d have my torchlight pointed at something he has his nose to, after I tugged the lead and he refuses to keep going.

I got home, watched some of Sir Alex Ferguson’s show on the EPL highlights program, and thought about reading when the Four Corners show came on. It was an intriguing mixture of a kid fraught with developmental issues, social adaptability, change, and a mother who in struggling to bring up a child with these challenges had a curious affinity for guns.

I sat enthralled as I hear the American journalist talk to friends of Nancy Lanza, the mother. She appeared to have been a normal devoted mother. She wanted what was best for Adam Lanza and did all she could for him. Adam had trouble adapting to his environment and was clearly having issues dealing with people around him. Yet, in spite of her recognition of Adam’s needs and challenges, she saw no issues with introducing him to firearms and even encouraged his interest in it.

Adam Lanza appeared to be a young man with a long history of psychological and even possibly mental challenges. Arm such a person with firearms and you have a very good recipe for unmitigated disaster. Adam as we all know, ended up shooting and killing 26 people including Nancy his own mother and many young children.

As I get ready for bed after that, I thought about the consequences of arming ill-equipped leaders with power and authority. I thought what a disaster – what carnage – this combination brings. The damage ill equipped leaders can bring is fearful.