True Romance

With a possible longish Sunday looming and my (sort of) promise to Kiddo to visit one of the churches she recommended, I decided not to watch the FA Cup final between Man City and Wigan. I was fully expecting Man City to win anyway so it was an easy decision to not watch the match.

I was up early on Sunday and what a surprise. Wigan had won by an injury time goal! I was thinking of the Wimbeldon Crazy Gand’s exploits in a final many years ago – with Lawrie Sanchez scoring the winning goal – against the might of Liverpool. This was in the 80’s when Liverpool had not yet been knocked off their proverbial perch.

And so, although it was very early for a Sunday morning and I have had a late night, I got up and watched the reply on ESPN, which was screening (milking) the event on a rolling basis. Until recent years, I had associated Wigan with rugby and didn’t realise they have a football team of premier league standards. But like I said in a previous entry, I get Wigan. The underdog over achiever of a survivor… I sincerely hope they survive the drop. They would have to beat Arsenal but other than I have a small soft spot for Spurs, watching Wigan claw their way out of relegation after winning the FA Cup would be absolutely thrilling.