26.38. By itself it looks good. In fact I might have had a car with a plate bearing those numbers. Chinese love these numbers. Loosely it may be read to sound like “easy path bears prosperity”. Silly perhaps but in a community where one goes out every day to scrap to earn a living and provide for the family, every little bit helps – even loose numerology of some sort.

Those numbers were in reference to Sir Alex Ferguson of course.

26 years (and a bit) bearing 38 trophies.

The match last night was due to start 12.45am and I have a (another) busy week so I hadn’t planned to watch it. I did however set up the hard disk recorder. Hopefully I got the programming right and hopefully I had it recording long enough to include all post match activities. I’d find out tonight…

Again, “Thank You”, Sir Alex. Your hard work and dedication meant so much to so many.